Private Label Coffee

We're able to offer Private Label Coffee services in any of our standard sizes, including:

  • 8 oz
  • 12 oz
  • 16 oz
  • 80 oz (5-lb)

Each orders will be shipped all at once to a single address. For multiple ship-to addresses, you must place multiple orders. Contact us to get set up with Private Labeling.

Label Specifications

Labels are printed using a commercial label printer, with a 3" wide by 4" height label. Labels are printed from PDF, offering the closest colour match. You may provide any 3" wide by 4" high PDF for direct print.

If providing a JPG, please ensure it's at least 600px wide by 800px tall to achieve a 200 dpi print quality. You will be sent back a PDF proof to sign off on.

As on-screen and physical print colours differ, we don't guarantee 100% accuracy in colours. If doing a large order, we recommend first ordering a pound with your label before approving a larger quantity to ensure you're happy with the physical result.

Custom Blends

You're free to private label any of our single origins and blends under your own custom brand and blend name. We also offer custom blending with a minimum 20-lbs at a time. You will need to order our coffees by the pound and blend them yourself at home to create your custom blend, then provide us with the breakdown when ordering.

Experienced, existing coffee businesses are welcome to come to our location in Windsor, Ontario for a private training session and taste testing. Contact us for more details.

Note: coffee is an agricultural product that changes from year-to-year and varies by source. The flavour of your blend will naturally change over time and you'll need to re-test frequently.


Due to the complexity with shipping costs and pricing, we currently only offer dropshipping for existing, experienced businesses doing 100 lbs or more per month.

Custom Coffee Bags

Custom coffee bags are available, but are generally an unnecessary expense compared to our standard bags with a custom label. Custom bags must be pre-ordered 8-12 weeks in advance. We can store your bags and use them as needed. Prices are approximately:

  • $2.00/bag with a 500-quantity minimum
  • $1.50/bag with a 2500-quantity minimum
  • $1.00/bag with a 10,000-quantity minimum

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