About Coffee Freshness

How you purchase, handle, store and prepare your coffee will affect it's fresh, and can make the difference between mediocre coffee and delicious coffee. Here are a few tips to give you the best possible cup.

How to Buy Coffee

It sounds stupid to cover something you've done hundreds of times, but how you buy your coffee has a huge impact on the taste. Coffee is best when it is FRESH. Green coffee beans can last for months, whereas roasted beans will lose their freshness within weeks (aficionados will say a week or two). Ground coffee loses most of it's freshness within days. Coffee that you buy from grocery stores or even your local cafe will have been roasted, then transported from the roaster on a truck, then sat in inventory, then put on shelves before you finally get to pick it up, then it takes you a week or two to go through it. The end results is a stale coffee that is long past it's prime. What you need is a coffee that is:

  • Purchased as green beans regularly, ideally 4 times per year
  • Roasted only when you order it, not weeks before
  • Ground just prior to brewing, or ground only when you order it

We're excited to offer our beans at prices that are competitive with grocery stores, while roasting and grinding AFTER your order is placed.

How to Store Coffee

Coffee would ideally never be stored, but roasted and ground on a daily basis. This isn't always possible, so storing just enough coffee for immediate use (a week or two) in the proper container is key. For the best possible experience it should be roasted, ground and brewed on a daily basis. Back in the real world, it's just too much hassle for the average person. We suggest that you purchase roasted coffee regularly (from a roaster, not something that has been sitting on store shelves) and grind just a couple days worth at a time.

Some coffee shops offer a discount for you to sign up for regular shipments. This ensures you have a steady supply of fresh, quality coffee at whatever interval you need. To preserve as much freshness as possible, store your coffee in a cool, dark, dry place in an airtight container.

How Much Coffee Should I Use?

General guidelines are for two (2) level tablespoons (approx 10 grams) of grounds per 6oz (1 cup / 177mL) brewed coffee. This equates to about 55 grams per liter of brewed coffee.

What is Fair Trade Coffee?

You can find information about fair trade coffee here.

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