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Organic White Quinoa 5 lb
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Almonds Raw 25 lb
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Enjoy wholesale bulk nuts shipped across Canada, quickly and cost-effectively! Buying in bulk saves re-packaging costs incurred by wholesalers, who passes the savings along to you.

  • Wholesale Almonds - natural and raw, almonds are a great health food that are high in fiber, calcium, protein and zinc! With healthy fats that help fill you up, almonds can be used as a topping on salads or a meal, or as a snack! Slice or turn them into wedges for easy portion control. Make your own almond milk with all the fiber and goodness of whole almonds as a substitute for regular milk.
  • Wholesale Almond Flour - is low carb, gluten free and can be used in baking in lieu of regular wheat flour. Also sometimes known as almond meal.
  • Wholesale Brazil Nuts - these exotic nuts imported from South America are nutritious and great as an alternative to almonds or cashews. High in protein, calcium, iron, zinc and hard-to-find selenium.
  • Wholesale Cashews - rich in protein, anti-oxidants and healthy mono-unsaturated fats, cashews are some of the best-tasting nuts you can get. Most people know them for snacking, but they can be used as a topping on desserts or even salads. Enjoy them raw or roasted, salted or unsalted.
  • Wholesale Chestnuts - roasting on an open fire... You'll love these fresh chestnuts, which can be roasted to remind you of Christmas or just as a great snack! With an unforgettable flavour and aroma, we're sure you'll love these Chestnuts.
  • Wholesale Coconut - flaked, shredded or as chips, coconut is a delicious go-to snack that's low in calories and compliments almost any fruit or nut. They can be baked into desserts, used as a topping or blended into protein shakes or smoothies to add a taste of the tropics whenever you want.
  • Wholesale Hazelnut / Filberts - High in protein, low in fat, hazelnuts can be eaten whole, ground up, flaked off or made into butters and oils as an alternative for less healthy products. Hazelnuts have some of the most pleasant tastes and are frequently used in coffee and desserts.
  • Wholesale Macadamia Nuts - another popular nut for baking or toppings.
  • Wholesale Mixed Nuts
  • Wholesale Peanuts - take me out to the baalll gaaaame. Peanuts can be enjoyed as a snack or mixed into cooking, imparting the flavour we all know and love. Whether you enjoy them in a shell or already shelled, no cupboard is quite complete without peanuts. Feeling adventurous? Grind then blend them up in a blender to make your own 100% natural peanut butter!
  • Wholesale Pine Nuts - come in a thick, hard shell, but the nut inside is a delicasy that goes great in cakes, cookies, salads and pesto sauces.
  • Wholesale Pistachios - with an easy-to-open shell, pistachios are a favourite snack and a great finger-food, whether they're simply roasted or salted as well. Why they're so great in ice cream and cookies we're not quite sure, but we can't get enough of this nut. They're actually similar to cashews, and are supposed to have originated in the middle-east. Baklava? Turkish Delight? Nougat? All use pistachio as an ingredient. Pistachios come in 2 main varieties: Turkish and California with California pistachios being larger and more exposed than their turkish counter-part, and sometimes dyed to make their more attractive.
  • Wholesale Pecans - pecans are crispy, with a crunchy texture and unique shape. High in protein, fiber and other nutrients, they're not only healthy but versatile as they can be used in desserts and pies, as well as salads. When ground up into pecan meal (flour), it can also be used as an gluten-free alternative to wheat flour. Of course if health isn't your concern, chocolate-covered pecans are a particular delight.
  • Wholesale Soy Nuts - the adult soy beans (or soy nut) are a great snack, healthy and good for the heart. High in protein, they're great when roasted but also have another little secret - if you pick them before they're ripe, they're edamame! Those little beans you pull out of the pod with your teeth at a sushi restaurant, and are great with a hint of wasabi.
  • Wholesale Sunflower Seeds - aren't just for birds. Or ball-games. Great either raw or cooked, they're high in protein and, potassium and phosphorous. With a shell that's easy to break open they can be enjoyed as finger-food, or used as a topping on salads if you pick up the pre-shelled seeds.
  • Wholesale Chia Seeds - with very high levels of omega 3s, chia seeds have become a modern super-food and an addition to all sorts of cuisine. It's closely related to sage and packed with raw energy and anti-oxidants to help maintain energy levels throughout the day. Unlike flax, you don't have to grind up chia seeds, so they can be eaten raw or soaked in water. Add them to baked goods, salads, nutrition bars, puddings or yogurt to make your meals just a little healthier.
  • Wholesale Pumpkin Seeds - otherwise known as "pepitas", they contain protein, fiber, iron, potassium and zinc. Popular around halloween, they can be enjoyed year-round and are spectacular roasted with a bit of salt. With a flat shell that's easily broken apart, the little seeds inside are a great topping on all kinds of salads. Can also be made into pumpkin seed oil.
  • Wholesale Walnuts - among the popular health-nuts, walnuts have a special place. With a distinct flavour that's rich and nutty, they can also be a little buttery and go great in all sorts of baking from cookies to brownies. They're high in protein, omega-3s and anti-oxidants.
  • Wholesale Mulberries - nutritious, delicious, mulberries are a strange looking fruit with unusually high levels of iron and protein and vitamin C, iron, calcium and fiber. Naturally sweet, they make a great snack.
  • Wholesale Chocolates and Candies
  • Wholesale Black Walnuts

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