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Coffee Pods are conveniently pre-measured in individual serving pods to use in your coffee machine. These single-serving pods save hundreds of dollars versus wasteful conventional coffee pot brewing, allowing you make only what you need. Compared to other "single cup" brands, they typically show a cost saving of up to 50%! The coffee pods typically come sealed in individual serving wrappers, keeping them fresh and allowing you to enjoy them one at a time. Grab multiple varieties to keep things exciting every day.

Coffee Pods are a convenient, inexpensive way to have a single serving of coffee and a consistent flavour from cup to cup.

Since coffee pods are pre-made and packaged in individual serving pods, you need to be wary of how recently they were made. Coffee is only fresh (at the peak of its' taste profile) for a few weeks after roasting, and a few days (some would argue hours) after grinding. Coffee pods need to be pre-roasted and pre-ground however, heightening the importance of getting pods that are as fresh as possible.

Some coffee pod manufacturers now use an aluminum wrapper to individually seal each pod, extending the freshness of the coffee by weeks or even months. During the process, the coffee grounds are flushed with nitrogen, which removes oxygen from the packaging and keeps the coffee from decaying. While the taste will never compare to fresh roasted coffee beans, nitrogen-flushed individually-wrapped pods do are viable option for simplicity.

With a price advantage versus other single-serve coffee cups, pods are a delicious way to enjoy your coffee, one cup at a time. With Torani Syrups, you can add any flavour you'd like without forcing everyone else in your household to drink the same flavoured coffee as you. Perfect for families.

Coffee Pods vs. K-Cups

Coffee Pods and K-Cups are two separate items - pods come in round mesh-filter bags used in specific machines, and are generally not compatible with K-Cup machines. K-Cups are saucer-shaped plastic cups that can only be used in K-Cups.


Coffee pods are generally cheaper than K-Cups, but not by much sometimes. Pricing on pods range from $0.30-$0.50/pod, whereas K-Cups will generally cost about $0.50-$1.00/cup.

There is a Kienna adapter that allows you to use coffee pods in K-Cup machines, potentially saving hundreds of dollars per year.

Coffee pods are specifically designed for certain coffee pod brewing machines, like the My Invento Pod Brewer and the coffee-pod attachment of the Bunn My Cafe MCU Brewer.

Coffee Pod Manufacturers

The following is a list of popular brands of coffee pods:
  • Melitta One:One Universal Coffee Pods: 8-9 grams - 55-62 mm
  • Wolfgang Puck
  • Baronet Coffee Pods: 9-14 grams- 62 mm
  • Molto
  • Kienna
  • Senseo Coffee Pods: 7 grams - 62 mm
  • JavaHead
  • Marley Coffee
  • Reunion Island: 11 grams

We also carry ESE Espresso Pods that are compatible with ESE espresso machines such as the Illy X1 or Handpresso. While only 7 grams instead of 9-12g for coffee pods, the different extraction process ensures that ESE pods deliver full flavour in each cup.