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Display Wire Racks are great for organizing your products, and saving counter space by making them accessible by elevating them. We have bottle racks for Torani syrup and Monin syrups, and Tea box stands for Bigelow and Numi.

Branded display racks are great for showcasing products both in cafes and at home!

Torani Syrup Display Racks

The Torani line comes with 2 options for display stands - a 3 bottle rack and a 6-bottle rack. Only the 3-bottle rack has Torani branding. Both are in a narrow, line formation so that it can easily be fit on a counter between brewing and other food preparation equipment.

The stepped configuration allows access to each flavour when the pumps are attached, saving valuable space. We recommend dispensing the syrup before the drink, to avoid splashing the prepared drink everywhere when squirting.

These are a great way to showcase syrups for snow cones and italian sodas.

Additional details are available on the product page.

Monin Syrup Display Racks

Monin's line of syrup stands come in a 4-bottle and 11-bottle option, each with prominent Monin logo. While the 4-bottle rack comes in a narrow, straight configuration, the 11-bottle rack would be far too deep to fit on a regular counter. As such, the 11-bottle rack is configured more as a presentation stand for viewability and will take up more width on a counter.

2 rows allows access to all the syrups, with 6 on the bottom row and 5 on the top row - sitting in between the 6 bottles below for ease of access when pumps are attached. As with the Torani racks, we recommend adding the flavouring syrup to the cup or mug before brewing to avoid any splash-back when squirting.

Dimensions can be viewed on the product page.

Can slso be used to display DaVinci Gourmet, Routin 1883, Starbucks and Sweetbird Syrups of the same size.

Bigelow Tea Display Wire Rack

Bigelow's racks come in a 6-box and 10-box option, both with Bigelow branding. The racks are designed to allow ease of access to the bottom punch-out opening of Bigelow Tea boxes when they're placed in an upright position. The front-bracing bar is placed high to allow access to the punch-out and prevents the individual boxes from being pulled forward when a rushed barista yanks the individual serving pouches out.

Each tea box is clearly labeled when standing upright. Dimensions can be viewed on the product page. Perfect for point-of-sale displays.

Wire racks are light weight and strong, making them a durable option for point of sale displays. With a low surface area, wire stands are perfect for cleaning, reducing health and safety concerns - the racks can simply be moved and the counter space wiped down.

Stands for Ghirardelli Sauces are being looked into - please contact us directly if you need them.