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Espresso machines are designed specifically to make the concentrated Italian beverage known as an "espresso". Espresso is typically ground coarse and roasted dark. The water is heated to just below boiling and forced through the grinds at high pressure, extracting the most possible flavour from the coffee grinds as possible.

Espresso machines aren't just for coffee connoisseurs - they're ideal for home use as well. Typically faster than a coffee maker, they can make a shot of espresso very quickly, which can be drank when on the run. Those who REALLY love their coffee will prefer to sit with an espresso cup and enjoy their coffee. Most people learn to love espresso if they're able to get it done right.

Espresso machines open up a whole new world of possible drinks. Far from making a drab black coffee, they allow you to make cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, Americanos... the list goes on. By varying the length of your espresso shot and the ratio of milk to espresso, you can change up your drink every few weeks or even every few days if you'd prefer. In the mood for a latte? Why not steam some milk and add a shot of flavour with Torani. On the run? Pull a quick shot of straight espresso. Evening time and need something lighter for your guests? Impress them with a professional quality cappuccino.

And yes, we pride ourselves in selling some of the best espresso beans in all of Canada. Check out our Gold Espresso, Silver Espresso, Mocha Java Espresso and Colombian Excelso Espresso.

Cappuccino Maker

While there are some lower-quality single cup "cappuccino makers" on the market, a true cappuccino is hand made by frothing milk and combining with espresso, using the espresso machines above. Using equal parts espresso and milk, begin by pouring the espresso into a cup, and frothing the milk in a separate cup until it has achieved a "microfoam" onsistency. The frothed milk should be roughly double the volume of the original milk volume, and poured over the espresso once complete. (If you pour the espresso into the microfoam, it is known as a "latte macchiato.")