Fair Trade Organic Swiss Water Decaf Espresso

Fair Trade Organic Swiss Water Decaf Espresso
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Fair Trade Organic Swiss Water Process Decaf Espressso is a premium arabica bean that has been decaffeinated via the Swiss Water Process.

This bean will change every few months depending on which origin the Swiss Water people have decaffeinated when we order and can vary between Colombian Brazilian Guatemalan Ethiopian and Sumatran.

Decaf coffee allows you to enjoy a cup at night without worrying that it will keep you up late. Want to make a flavourful latte while you watch a movie before heading off to bed? This (swiss water process) decaf is your best friend.

Put your mind to rest knowing that this is also Fair Trade and Organic certified so it's good for you and the people who grew it.

Buy in bulk, or individually. See discounts and coupons above.

Note: Decaf coffees still have 5mg - 10mg of caffeine per cup but are considered 'caffeine free' per industry standards. While this is insignificant to anybody who drinks coffee tea or eats chocolate those with severe caffeine sensitivity should consult a doctor.

Be sure to include the grind you would like when ordering. This is our own in-house brand of coffee is roasted + ground + bagged after you order. 

Not ready to commit to a full pound? Order it in a 4-oz sample size.

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