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Not ready for a full pound of coffee? Try a 4-oz (112g) sample of our arabica coffee beans as whole bean or ground for your brewer.

The sample packs are a great way to discover a variety of different coffees from around the world, to find one (or two, or three) that you like best.

Smooth coffees:

  • Colombian Supremo
  • Brazil Santos
  • Honduras
  • Guatemala Antigua
  • Breakfast Blend
  • Mocha Java Style
  • Cafe de la Reine


  • Ethiopian Sidamo
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
  • Kenya AA
  • Indian Monsooned Malabar
  • Sumatra Mandheling

Recommended Coffee Ratios

  • French Press: 1:10 (eg. 40 g beans to 400 mL water) (17-oz press)
  • Drip Coffee: 1:10 (eg. 40 g beans to 400 mL water) (flat and cone filter)
  • Aeropress: 1:10 (eg. 20 g beans to 200 mL water)
  • Espresso: 1:3 (eg. 20 g beans to 60 mL water)(double shot)
  • Moka Pot: 20g (fill bottom 1/2 way with boiling water, then place on stove)

1 tablespoon (measuring tablespoon, not utensil) is approximately 5 grams of ground coffee.

The ratios can be changed slightly if you have a preference for stronger coffee.


  • You will receive a 4-oz sample of the coffee you specify during when adding to the cart
  • Choose your Grind to have it ground for your coffee or espresso maker, or have it shipped as whole-bean to grind it yourself
  • Samples ship free - select 'Sample Shipping' during checkout
  • The free shipping offer is designed to try-before-you buy, and repeated orders for just samples will be charged shipping
  • Orders containing anything aside from just the samples will be canceled, unless shipping is paid for

Please note that the sample packs are designed for you to try multiple coffees (minimum 5) without committing to full pounds, or to be added to larger orders.

We will not ship orders under $20.


The coffees are roasted to the master-roaster's best suggestion for each specific origin or blend, factoring in our walk-in customers preferences. Samples are pulled from our store-front inventory, which is updated weekly.

We do not keep the roast level maintained online as it changes from week to week - the samples are for comparing flavours only, not roasts. Most often these will be a medium roast, but can be a dark or super-dark roast.

Custom roasts are only available on full-size (1-pound / 16-oz) bags of coffee.