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Folgers Coffee is internationally recognized and respected as one of the oldest brands still around. With a timeless flavour and a brand that is synonymous with coffee. Popular blends include their "Classic Roast", "Country Roast", "Breakfast Blend", "House Blend", "100% Colombian" and "Brazilian Coffee".

No lineup is complete without flavoured options for those with like a little something more and Folgers delivers again with "French Vanilla", "Hazelnut", "Chocolate Silk" and "Cinnamon Swirl".

Decaf drinkers aren't out of luck, and are able to choose between 100% decaf, half-decaf and flavoured decaf options. Whatever your style of coffee, there's an option for you.

The folgers lineup goes beyond simply the coffee you find in grocery stores - it is available in k-cups and flavour enhancers that bring a whole new world of options.

Folgers Flavour Enhancer

Choose between Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut and Mocha flavours that can be added to any coffee.

Folgers Cappuccino Mix


Enjoy flavoured cappuccinos in seconds with Folgers flavoured mixes include French Vanilla and Mocha Chocolate.

Simply combine the creamer packet with regular coffee to create a decadent flavoured drink on the go - no expensive equipment required.