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Conversion: 3 cup = 350 mL, 8 cup = 1000 mL, 12 cup = 1500 mL

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  • Note that in extreme cases it is possible to crack borosilicate glass from thermal shock. For example, pouring boiling liquid from the vessel and submerging it in cold water may cause damage.

A French Press is one of the best ways of making coffee, giving the coffee ample time to infuse its flavour into the hot water and leaving all the essentials flavouring oils in tact. The french press process begins with coarse-ground coffee - typically settings are available specifically for a french press, and the coffee should be roasted and ground as close to the date you're brewing as possible. Sub-boiling water is added to the french press and allowed to steep for 4-6 minutes depending on the type of coffee and the strength you prefer, before the stainless-steel mesh filter is depressed, removing the coffee grounds from the coffee itself. From there, the brewed coffee is poured into your mug and enjoyed.

The stainless-steel mesh filter plays a key role in the quality of coffee that results from a french press. Regular paper filters remove the oils that are inside the coffee, which contain a lot of the flavour and mouthfeel. The result from french press coffee brewing is a more pure coffee taste, and is ideal for trying different types of coffee.

French Press Tea

French presses can also be used to make loose leaf teas - using about 2 teaspoons of tea per cup of brewed tea.

Bodum French Presses

Bodum is a manufacturer that has been around for decades and has a number of unique models to suit any style of kitchen. You can view Bodum French Presses here.

French Presses are also known as "Pot Press" or "Coffee Press".