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Gourmet coffee can refer to a number of different qualities - everything from the coffee being fresh roasted, to high end and hard to find coffees. What most people aren't aware of is that the cost of a coffee is only loosely correlated to the quality of a coffee.

There is a distinction between a $10/lb coffee and a $15/lb coffee, but this distinction disappears above that price range. There's no justification for paying $80/lb (Jamaican Blue Mountain) or $400/lb (Kopi Luwak), aside from artificial signalling and constrained supply.

At the end of the day, the best coffee is the one that you enjoy the most. Try 

How to Make Your Coffee Gourmet

The single best thing you can do to better improve your daily coffee is having it freshly roasted and ground. Buying pre-ground coffee off of store shelves usually gets you a flat, dull coffee that has long lost most of its' flavour.

This typically means finding a specialty coffee roaster locally who either roasts their coffee daily or roasts it to order. We specialize in coffee that is roasted specifically for you - whether it's 1 pound or 5 pounds.

We can ship beans either whole (if you have your own grinder) or ground for your preferred brewing method.