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Mavea is the next-generation of water filters, german designed and made with high end materials for reliability and purity. Clean, filtered water is one of the best things to do to make your morning coffee taste better, and Mavea is here to help. With a design that works with any kitchen, you'll love the Mavea water filters.

Mavea's Water Filters are:

  • Clean: Filter micro-screen reduces release of carbon particulates into water
  • Fast: No pre-soaking required to activate filters
  • Safe: Silverized filter media inhibits the growth of bacteria to maximize filter life
  • Convenient: Pour through lid makes refills quick and easy
  • Smart: No more guessing whent o change the filter; the Mavea filter change indicator reminds you to replace thefilter based on the length of time the filter's been in use, your consumption and quality of your water
  • BPA Free: All filter system components are made from BPA Free materials and certified safe for use in drinking water
  • Proven: WQA-cetified to significantly reduce chlorine and other unwanted elements

Mavea's filters are also used in Tassimo coffee brewers to ensure water purity and extend the life of the machine while improving the quality of the coffee.

Mavea filters can be recycled at partner locations, simply print a shipping label from and drop them off at a participating store.