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Monin Syrups (Sirop Monin) are loved because of their unique flavours and delicious taste. We have over 40 of Monin's premium syrups available to us, ready to ship with just a few days lead time.

If you're wondering where to buy Monin syrups in Canada, you've found it. Combine them with other products on the website for free shipping available! See the offer details.

We ship from Canada, giving you great shipping rates and avoiding nasty cross-border fees. You don't have to worry about cross-border tariffs and duties, or surprise hidden charges when ordering from a Canadian company.

While not all Monin products are all-natural - the ingredients are similar to Torani - the organic syrup line offers some very special flavours for the discerning coffee drinker.

The Monin Sauces offer a great alternative to flavouring espresso-based lattes and coffees when blended into the milk or milk alternatives, or as a topping.

Monin Syrup Ingredients

Monin's regular syrups contain a combination of pure cane sugar, water and natural as well as artificial flavours. They don't tend to use food colouring, but the odd flavour will have some.

Drink Ideas

Monin can be used in a mind-boggling number of drinks and recipes. Our favourites are:

  • Coffee, cold brew, Lattes, Cappuccinos and Macchiatos
  • Italian Sodas
  • "Mocktails" and Martinis
  • Protein Shakes and Smoothies
  • Hot Chocolates and Milk Steamers
  • tea

They can also be used as flavouring in baking and other recipes. Simply substitute some of the sugar you would normally use with Monin's flavoured syrups and add a whole new twist to your baking.

We don't recommend substituting all the sugar as the consistency changes when using a liquid versus solid sugar in baking, but using some sirop Monin adds a nice je-ne-sais-quois.

Soda Stream Syrup

Monin makes a great Italian Soda when mixed with carbonated or mineral water. The carbonated water can either be purchased from a grocery store, or made right at home with a Soda Stream machine.

Making your own Italian Sodas at home can save $3.00-$4.00 per serving compared to buying from a national coffee chain, and gives you the convenience and comfort of lounging on your back patio while enjoying one of summer's little perks.

Monin Expiry

The shelf life of syrups is affected by temperature (sunlight, ovens, stoves, dish washer), moisture (stove tops, kettles, dish washers, ambient humidity), air quality (dust, cleanliness, outdoor air quality, other spoiled foods) - all of which are found in abundance in kitchens, where syrups are typically stored.
Due to storage conditions being outside of our control once delivered, we consider the limit on claims to be 60 days from date of delivery to the address you provide, regardless of the date on the bottle.

Enjoy our Premium Monin Syrups, letting you flavour everything from coffees to lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, italian sodas, martinis, tea and hot cocoa!

Products are stocked right here in Canada, which saves you from having to pay excessive shipping fees, as well as ridiculous border fees.

We ship very quickly within Ontario and Quebec, with under 1 week delivery to most of the rest of Canada. Tracking information is always provided for you to track your order.

Monin Sugar Free Syrups are also available.

Recipe: London Fog Tea


Instructions: Simply, combine Earl Grey Tea (brewed however you like it) with 1 oz of Monin Vanilla Syrup and stir. The London Fog is a classic twist of soft vanilla and proud earl grey. Monin also has a distinct lineup of flavours in Europe that aren't currently available in Canada or the U.S.