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Nespresso's Grand Cru coffee is the best single serving cup of coffee with an unmatched crema to go with a full body and taste. With a huge assortment of coffees available to club members, there's a coffee for everyone - whether you like yours roasted light or dark. Each cup is pure bliss, giving you just a few minutes to enjoy your day.

All of Nespresso's coffees are sourced as green beans from coffee farmers who expertly cultivate the beans to bring out the optimal flavour. By sending their experts around the world in search of the best beans, they form relationships that give them the first pick of the crop and allows them to serve you the very best coffee each morning.

Enjoy the best coffee that each country has to offer with Nespresso Capsules.


Nespresso Capsules from The Ethical Coffee Company

Ethical Coffee Company capsules are made primarily from plant fibres and starch and break down in the environment approximately 6 months after use. The aim is both to reduce production of household waste at the source and to ensure it is biodegradable or biocompostable. What comes from the earth returns to the Earth.

The Ethical Coffee Company, in its bid to offer an exceptional Italian espresso, has nine varieties, all of the best coffee crops. Discover the range espresso and choose your favourite!

The Ethical Coffee Company capsule allows all the rich flavours of premium coffee beans to be drawn out at high pressure. Just like in the best Italian bars, our coffee takes approximately 25 to 30 seconds to pour out into the cup, the optimal extraction time. We choose the best crops of Arabica coffee from Colombia, Central America, India, Ethiopia, Kenya and elsewhere. The focus is always on guaranteeing the highest quality in the coffee we source

This froth, known as the crema should be between 3 mm and 4 mm thick. Its colouring should be somewhere between "hazel" and "fawn". Froth that either is too dark or more than 4 mm, is not a true reflection of Italian espresso traditions. The crema should be light, but at the same time smooth and dense, aromatic and lasting. From the very first sip, there should be a delicate sensation of finesse, complemented by roasted notes.

Nespresso Capsules

Nespresso capsules are hermetically sealed inside an aluminum container that keeps the gourmet coffee fresh, out of sunlight and prevents oxidation of the coffee. Even the shape of the capsules are specially designed and are constantly improved upon for aesthetic and functional reasons. Nespresso has 21 "Grand Cru" coffees - each with distinct flavours and specially crafted to give you what you've come to expect - quality.

Nespresso Coffee Machines

There are a number of Nespresso Brewers to choose from. Some of the top models include the Essenza Manual, Delonghi Lattissima, Pixie, Citiz and Maestra. These crema-perfecting machines have up to 19 bars of pressure and can also be paired with a product like the Aeroccino to create deluxe espresso-based drinks like Lattes, Cappuccinos, Mochas and more!

What's life without variety? Choose from a number of coloured panels to match or contrast your machine with the other parts of your kitchen. There's an option for everyone!

Nespresso Club

Purchasing a Nespresso Machine automatically earns you a membership for the Nespresso Club - a service that delivers nespresso pods directly to your door, typically within 2 days. With 24-hour support on their phone lines and mobile applications available for popular smartphones, your next shipment of coffee is never far away.

Nespresso also works with a number of boutique retailers and trade partners to bring machines and pods to local stores. Once purchased however, your Nespresso Club membership entitles you to service calls for any problems with the machines during the guarantee period - Nespresso will even come and pick up machine, providing you with a loaner while they make repairs.

Nespresso Coffees

Nespresso's Grand Cru line can be broken down into 6 "categories" with their specific products:
  • Intenso - 5 blends, 25-40 mL serving size
  • Espresso - 4 blends, 40 mL
  • Pure Origin - single origins, 40 mL
  • Decaffeinato - 2 blends plus one lungo
  • Lungo - 3 grand crus, designed for large cups -110 mL
  • Variations - 3 blends, 40 mL
  • Plus a number of unique, limited-time productions during the year