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Having a reliable source for good coffee cups for your coffee shop or restaurant is key to smoothly running a business. We're happy to offer the best pricing on Paper Coffee Cups for businesses in the Windsor area!

We're happy to offer paper coffee cups to our clients.

Custom Printed Paper Coffee Cups

Get your cafe or restaurant's logo printed on coffee cups, starting at minimum orders of 30 cases of 1000 cups (approx. $4200).

Paper Coffee Cups

We don't tend to think too much about the paper cup we use to drink our coffee in. These cups can however impact how someone feels about your business. You want sturdy cups because you don't want any coffee to spill out due to a flimsy cup.

There's nothing worse than having near boiling, tea, hot chocolate or hot coffee spill out all over one of your patrons. It can land on their clothing and ruin it or even worse cause a burn on their skin. You want to ensure that you're using good cups so your customers keep coming back to your establishment.

When you buy your cups you don't want to spend too much on them. Here's how you can pick the best wholesale coffee cups that are going to work for you and your business.

Sleeve Style Coffee Cups

The sleeve will help to keep the coffee warmer for longer periods and the insulated sleeve helps the customer hold the cup so they don't burn themselves when the coffee is piping hot.

Most chains have these sleeves available from a pile on the counter and you should have plenty of these available to those that want one. Most customers are used to seeing these sleeves so use them in your establishment.

Another method is to use coffee cups that are double-walled or insulated. These won't require a sleeve but the cups will cost you more and it can cost twice as much as regular coffee cup sleeves.

The Double-Wall Coffee Cup

These types of cups can be bought with different designs on them which can help improve people's perception of your business. These cups will keep your beverage warmer for longer and this can help the consumer enjoy the coffee. The outer surface of these cups will be quite comfortable so there's no need for double cups or the sleeves.

Ripple Style Paper Cups

These cups are made with crimped craft paper and feature a triple-wall design. They keep the coffee fresh and hot as well as add a bit of style to the coffee cup.

Marketing experts say that these cups provide a memorable experience for the consumer by combining a textured feel in addition to the heat and pleasure of drinking a coffee. You can add a bit of class with your coffee cups when you use these ones.

Different Cup Designs

There are various "standard" cup designs on the current market. There are brown, white, leafy green designs, and others. These cups might be nice but they really don't help you establish any sort of identity with your cafe and your coffee product. Printed Custom Style Cups

We feature printed cups that are custom made for our customers. We have low minimum orders and when you get your logo on a cup this is more than just some branding exercise.

When you do this your customer is marketing for you because they take the cup with your brand everywhere they go. People will see the cup, ask questions and learn about your business. For minimum order of 30-case (of 1000) you get custom printing with your logo.

Types of Paper Cups

For cups to be waterproof they need to be lined with a special material. The material has to with stand boiling temperatures as well as cold ones when you sever cold drinks in them. Most cups are lined with wax or have a polyethylene plastic coating. This is on the inside as well as the outside of the cup.

Cups for Cold Drinks

Clear plastic cups are best for colder drinks. The customer can see the ice and the beverage. These cups are usually larger than standard hot beverage cups so there's room for the ice and the additional volume of the beverage.

These types of cups are typically used to make Italian Sodas with Torani syrups as the vibrant colours show through.

Paper Coffee Cups Wholesale

Having a reliable source for good coffee cups for your coffee shop or restaurant is key to smoothly running a business.

We're happy to offer the best pricing on Paper Coffee Cups.

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