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We have discontinued Torani Signature syrups due to low sales volumes and best-before dates that were too short for our customers to work with. We can bring it cases of 12 (per flavour) by special order, but require 4-8 weeks for it to arrive. The original Torani Syrup line remains ideal for the majority of cases.

Torani's new line of Signature Syrups introduces premium syrups made from natural flavours, real cane sugar and contains no preservatives. These signature syrups are more of a thick syrup than Torani's traditional line - thicker and packed with a unique sweetness because of the use of Agave syrup.

Torani's line of Signature Syrups are a response to a growing demand for more natural, preservative-free ingredients. Along with removing any artificial colouring and preservatives (notably: sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate), the signature line is sold in frosted-glass bottles that look beautiful on display. The original Torani pumps work with the new bottles, saving you from having to buy new pumps.

The syrups are closer to what someone would expect a SYRUP to be - thicker than Torani's traditional lineup. Along with the change in viscosity is a stronger flavour, requiring fewer pumps in coffee, espresso and tea drinks to achieve the same level of taste when compared to the original Torani syrups. Try them in cold brew coffee for extra smooth and rich drinks.

There are currently no sugar-free syrups in the signature line, though we do expect more signature flavours to be released at some point in the future.