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Turkish Coffee is a term referred to one of the oldest ways of brewing coffee, some say the first. Probably the most expensive part of it preparing coffee the Turkish way is the grinder, which has to be high enough quality to make it extra finer - yes, even finer than espresso. Fortunately for you, we can grind of all our coffee beans to the appropriate level for preparing Turkish Coffee with our equipment, and ship it right to your door.

While there are brands that sell Turkish Coffee like Illy, LavAzza and Mehmet Efendi, the defining characteristic is that it's finely ground and brewed in a certain way. As with all coffees, the more recently it was roasted the better, and buying a branded product that has been sitting on a shelf for months will always deliver an inferior quality product.

Quality Considerations

The only two ingredients (coffee or espresso, water) will determine the quality of your drink. A great coffee blend or single-origin, roasted to perfection will give you all of the flavour of the beans - even more so than with a french press. The water that you use will also play a surprising role - ensuring that it enhances the coffee instead of detracting from the flavour can make the difference between a great cup and a poor cup. Filtered water should be your go-to here.


The equipment is very basic, nothing fancy. You need an ibrik or a cezve and a metal stirring spoon. The ibrik is the brewer and is traditionally made of copper with a long wooden handle, though more modern materials have surfaced recently and work fine. The ibrik is made with a wide base, narrow top, and a spout to control the pour. They're typically small accessories, between 2 to 8 cups in size (each cup being the traditional 4-oz after-dinner cup in size).

How much you want to drink will determine what size ibrik you need - it should be almost full, with a little "breathing" room at the top of the piece. The serving size comes somewhere between an espresso cup and a traditional cup because of the stronger intensity of the drink.

The Process

The coffee mixture is heated to boiling point multiple times, each time being brought back from the edge. The brew essentially "foams" up before the heat source is removed. It all happens quick fast, so an eye must be kept on it at all times. It should be noted that if your brewer is too large, the foaming will leave residue on the sides that can make the coffee bitter. An electric or gas stove works fine, as does propane as a source of heat. Very versatile. The resulting brew is always very strong, but is difficult to get wrong.

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