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Two Leaves and a Bud Tea is largely recognized as one of the premiere brands of tea world-wide. Each tea's origin is hand-picked by the two founders from countries all over the world (Tamayokucha from China, Alpine Berry from Germany) to bring you the best from each culture. Recommendations are made as to the best pairing of meals with your tea (like Jasmine Petal Tea with asian cuisine) to get the most enjoyment from your tea. Finally, reviews abound on the manufacturer website (linked from product pages) so that you can see what others did or did not like about the tea. Enjoy a premium tea and buy today!

About Two Leaves And A Bud

At two leaves tea company, we go to the tea gardens. Visit the rolling hills of Darjeeling, the tropical climate of Assam, and other gardens around the world and you'll find us tasting tea, interacting with farmers and experiencing whole leaf organic tea in its purest, native form.

We feel it's our mission to bring the experience of the gardens back to our customers. From providing tea that tastes as if it's been plucked and steeped directly from the gardens, to education to help our customers discover new teas and appreciate them for everything they have to offer, we invite our customers to "go there" with us, and experience every step of the way how deeply and passionately we care about your cuppa' tea.


Founded in 2005, two leaves tea company began with a journey. Founder Richard Rosenfeld travelled the world on business, where meetings are synonymous with amazingly flavorful cups of tea. After returning to the states, Richard looked everywhere for a good cuppa' tea... but had a hard time finding one.

Richard travelled to gardens in China, Sri Lanka and Japan to establish relationships with tea growers in order to bring premium, whole-leaf tea from the best harvests to tea drinkers around the world. Two leaves tea company has been recognized for the passion, care and effort that goes into cupping our tea, with awards such as the Best New Tea award for 2005-2006 from the Specialty Coffee Association of the United States, and the People's Choice Award at the Great Canadian Tea Steep Off in 2006.