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BuyCoffeeCanada offers aggressive wholesale pricing to existing and aspiring businesses. With a full range of 30+ single origin coffees and the ability to create custom blends with private labels, we're the premier partner for coffee businesses in Canada. Multiple delivery options means that we ship coast-to-coast and have courier options for everyone's needs.

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Buy Coffee in Bulk and save! Always a large stock of all of our coffees, ensuring you don't run out.

Fair Trade Organic Coffees are certified Organic by OCIA here in Canada.

Organic coffees are grown in such a way that no pesticides are used. This in turn leads to zero pesticides being absorbed and processed by your body, and is part of a living a healthier life. Unnatural chemicals such as pesticides have been linked to incidences of cancer and endocrine disruption, and while there are "safe" levels, the only optimal level is zero.