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We've been doing this for over 40 years. Over a million pounds of coffee roasted. You learn a few things in that time. Like the fact that everyone has their own tastes - whether you like coffee or espresso, medium roast or dark, "full octane" or decaf. We've perfected it all. We're 110% sure you'll love our organic coffees, but don't just take our word for it.

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Buy 5 different kinds of our roasted coffee, you'll qualify for the free shipping, and we'll credit you for the one you don't like. Actually, make that the one you like the least. Yep, even if you don't necessarily dislike it, just let us know which was your least favourite and we'll give you your money back for it*.

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Buying Organic Coffee is becoming increasingly popular as Canadians become more aware of the living conditions that coffee farmers live in. As empathetic Canadians who often take for granted our high quality of life, paying a tiny premium for delicious fair trade coffee is a small price for many of us.

  • Colombian Fair Trade Organic Coffee - Medium body, fragrant aroma and mild acidity.
  • Ethiopian Fair Trade Organic Coffee - Vibrant and intensely aromatic, full flavoured cup.
  • Guatemalan Fair Trade Organic Coffee - Bright acidity with a smooth, rich body.
  • Peru Fair Trade Organic Coffee - Medium body with a smooth (slightly sweet) taste.

Fair Trade Coffee is purchased directly from coffee growing co-ops - groups of farmers in a region that band together - and the money is spent by the "council" on initiatives that help improve the lives of the community and farmers' families.

The Fair Trade Coffees listed are also certified Organic Coffee by OCIA International. Organic coffees are grown in fields that do not use fertilizers or pesticides, and have not within the previous 3 years. Instead, farmers use techniques like crop rotation, natural insect predators and non-chemical pesticides to maintain their fields. The end result is a coffee that is healthier for you to drink, and you can rest assured knowing you're enjoying 100% coffee beans, not harmful chemicals. If you came looking for where to buy organic coffee in Canada, we're glad you're here. Make sure to drop by and check out our Torani syrups to add unique cafe-style twists to your organic coffee.

Wholesale Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Own a coffee shop or restaurant and want to stand out from the crowd? Coffee bought in bulk or by most suppliers is not only non-organic and non-fair-trade, it's often stale. Stop serving a lackluster coffee. Show your customers you care about the quality of coffee you serve by offering Fair Trade and Organic certified coffee. We roast it fresh each week just for you, so that it always taste its best.

Q: I want my coffee roasted dark, but not burnt. How dark is your dark roast?

A: We totally get where you're coming from. A lot of roasters buy poor quality beans (because they're cheap) and will over-roast them to hide imperfections. We don't do that. Our dark roast is typically lighter than what you would find at a major coffee chain or grocery store, while still offering that bold, dark roast flavour. We get great feedback on our dark roast across Canada, with the exception of Quebec who typically like their roast REALLY dark (more of an espresso roast).

Q: I need an espresso roast, but can't have the beans too oily or my machine will clog.

A: Oil on the surface of the bean is a natural part of the dark-roasting process, but too much can cause the problems like clogging the grinder. This is another symptom of over-roasted coffee. We've never had our espresso roast clog an espresso machine - while some of the oils do come to the surface, the majority remains inside the bean itself to maintain flavour.

Q: Do you have decaf organic coffee?

A: Yes! Decaffeinated organic coffee beans have been added.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Fair Trade Organic 16 oz
Rating: 87% (Good)
$21.95 (25% off)
Sale: $16.46 x
More Info

Peru Fair Trade Organic 16 oz
Rating: 88% (Good)
$16.51 (25% off)
Sale: $12.38 x
More Info

Colombian Fair Trade Organic 16 oz
Rating: 92% (Great)
$18.29 (25% off)
Sale: $13.72 x
More Info

Sumatra Fair Trade Organic 16 oz
Rating: 90% (Great)
$20.18 (25% off)
Sale: $15.14 x
More Info

Guatemalan Fair Trade Organic 16 oz
Rating: 87% (Good)
$16.80 (25% off)
Sale: $12.60 x
More Info

Colombian Fair Trade Organic Swiss Water Decaf 16 oz
Rating: 89% (Good)
$21.60 (25% off)
Sale: $16.20 x
More Info

Costa Rican Fair Trade Organic 16 oz
Rating: 92% (Great)
$19.33 (25% off)
Sale: $14.50 x
More Info

Nicaragua Fair Trade Organic 16 oz
Rating: 73% (Good)
$19.30 (25% off)
Sale: $14.48 x
More Info

Dominican Organic 16 oz
Rating: 80% (Good)
$23.00 (25% off)
Sale: $17.25 x
More Info

Peru Fair Trade Organic Swiss Water Decafe 16 oz
Rating: 87% (Good)
$19.95 (25% off)
Sale: $14.96 x
More Info

Bolivian Fair Trade Organic 16 oz
Rating: 100% (Great)
$19.50 (25% off)
Sale: $14.63 x
More Info

Brazil Fair Trade Organic 16 oz
Rating: 91% (Great)
$18.95 (25% off)
Sale: $14.21 x more info
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