Caramel Macchiato Recipe

Make your own Caramel Macchiato for just $1.70, saving over 65% compared to national coffee chains. You can also customize the drink to your tastes, using sugar-free flavourings. Who doesn't love a Caramel Macchiato after all? Here's an easy recipe for a Caramel Macchiato.

Preparation and cleaning time: 5 minutes.
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  1. Add 3/4oz of Vanilla Syrup to the cup first (3 pumps with Torani Syrup Pump).
  2. Add 2oz Espresso.
  3. Add 8oz Milk to cup, steam contents.
  4. Optional: Top with whipped cream.
  5. Add Caramel Sauce in criss-cross pattern (2 pumps with Torani Sauce Pump).

In total, you're saving over 65% with a cost of $1.70, versus the $4.50 price you would pay at Starbucks or Second Cup. (including estimated $0.50/8oz milk)


Having a good espresso machine with a steaming wand or frother makes this a very simple recipe. You can use the same mug to add syrup, steam the milk then add the espresso shots and top with the Caramel Sauce. It requires very little cleanup (aside from the head of the steaming wand) and you can adjust the strength of your Vanilla and Caramel based on your tastes.

Everyone's tastes will differ, so don't be afraid to use this recipe as a starting point and adjust accordingly. Some people might find that the drink lacks kick and will want to add another shot of espresso or really pour on the Caramel.

Others might find it too sweet and almost burnt tasting, and should try cutting back on the quantity of Caramel Sauce.

Skinny Caramel Macchiato

Sometimes you want to enjoy the delicious flavour of a caramel macchiato without the guilt of having all those extra calories. For a lower-calorie version, use Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup, skim milk, no whipped cream and half the amount of Caramel Sauce as a topping.

You'll drastically reduce the number of calories while still being able to enjoy a mouth-watering skinny caramel macchiato.

Note: 2oz Espresso can be substituted for 6oz Coffee, and while not a true "Caramel Macchiato", will still taste great. Make sure the adjust the quantity of Milk down to 6oz as well.