Torani Syrup Pump

Torani Syrup Pump
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This syrup pump fits both Sugar Free and Regular Torani Syrup 750 mL bottles.

Each pump dispenses 0.25 oz (1/4 oz, 7mL), making it easy to flavour your drinks as strongly as you'd like.

Most syrups require 4 pumps (1 oz), and you can adjust the strength up or down by using more or less pumps.

According to customers, this pump also fits DaVinci bottles, Monin 1 Liter bottles, and apparently Starbucks bottles. We do not guarantee compatibility with non-Torani products.

Pump is golden in colour and comes packaged with a straw that attaches into the bottom of the pump.

The straw ALMOST touches the bottom, leaving 1-2 ounces before it stops dispensing.

Using The Pump

Make sure to use 1 oz of syrup from your bottle before placing the pump (with attached straw) into the bottle, because the quantity of syrup that the pump displaces will cause the syrup to overflow and make a mess. You'll need to pump 2-3 times before syrup begins to dispense.

You want to use a smooth motion to depress the pump to prevent spraying the syrup out with too much force. If you haven't used the syrup for a couple days, the syrup may have drained back into the bottle and will require a few priming pumps because it begins to dispense.

If the syrup is spraying erratically, check to see if the nozzle is clogged. Syrups will dry and crystallize in the nozzle at different rates depending on the syrup and frequency of usage. A toothpick can be used to easily free up crystallized syrup.


Pumps are reusable and easily cleaned:

  1. Unscrew the pump and lift it until the straw is barely inside the neck of the bottle
  2. Shake straw so that the syrup drains into bottle
  3. Completely remove straw from the bottle once drained, turn the pump around so that the nozzle pointing into the neck of the bottle
  4. Pump 2-3 times so that the syrup inside the pump is now back inside the bottle
  5. Insert the straw of the pump into a glass of water and pump into sink until clear water is coming out of the nozzle
  6. Remove the straw and pump from the glass of water, pump until all of the water is drained from pump and straw
  7. You might also want to separate the pump and the straw and clean them separately
  8. A vinegar and water solution can be used for extra cleaning strength, just remember to rinse with water afterward


Dimensions of bottle without pump: 3" wide x 3" deep x 11.5" height

Dimensions of bottle with pump: 3" wide x 3" deep x 15" height

Similar to Tablecraft 66128 Coffee Syrup Pump .25 oz.

Note: Torani syrups will generally not develop mould or allow bacteria to grow, because of the citric acid content, making the syrups too acidic. There is no cap for this pump.

Note: Torani Syrup Pumps are priced at low margin as an accessory item. Orders consisting solely of syrup pumps may incur an additional charge.

Reviews were cut off in 2012 because of nearly unanimously positive feedback - we highly recommend the pumps for convenience. If the instructions on this page are followed, the pumps are problem-free.