Bodum French Press Models Explained

Bodum has a couple different models of French Press Coffee Makers that can be seen in the French Press section of our E-Commerce store. French presses are a one of the best ways to make a full flavoured coffee without fancy, high end equipment.

The Chambord French Press came about when Bodum bought out a factory that already made french presses, and with a little ingenuity was able to mass market the high quality products. The main frame and lid (the non-glass portion) is made with chrome-plated steel that is designed to keep it shiny, while providing long term durability.

The handle is made from a high quality polypropylene (plastic) that will keep you from burning yourself, and is design for comfort when handling and pouring from the french press.



The Kenya French Press on the other hand offers a more modern design with more economical pricing – for those just looking for a first time (or less frequent) french press. The 6 cup is available in chrome plasted steel, however the 3 cup and 8 cup are made entirely from the same polypropylene as the Chambord. All handles are made from polypropylene.

Both french presses allow you to brew a premium quality coffee, that just can’t be compared to a coffee brewer or single serve coffee maker. By using a french press, all the oils remain in the brewed coffee instead of being caught in a paper filter. This leaves you with a much richer taste experience.


Many people tend to get confused over the use of “cups” – eg 4 cup french press, 8 cup french press, 12 cup french press.

A cup is used to refer to 4-oz (120 ml) after-dinner cups, smaller than us Canadians are used to consuming. A typical “cup” for Canadians is actually a mug, or 8-12 oz. That means that if you use coffee mugs, you can expect to get half the recommended “cups” – eg. an 8 cup (240 ml) french press will get you approximately 4 mugs.

You don’t always have to fill a French Press to full capacity, which means you don’t need to buy all 3 different french presses for various purposes. An 8 cup french press will get you roughly 4 mugs, so if you make an average of 2 mugs daily (one for yourself and one for your partner, for example), it’s entirely possibly to fill the french press half way to get just 2 mugs.

By purchasing an 8 cup french press, you keep the possibility of being able to make 4 mugs when you have guests, while still being able to brew just 2 mugs on a regular basis.