I Will Accept Broken Bottles and Containers

I Will Accept Broken Bottles and Containers
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By popular request, we will countinue to ship sugar free bottles (and other liquid products) during the winter months. We will ship these only to customers who wish to accept the risk of breakage.

Liquid products (Torani, Monin, Oregon Chai, Pacific Barista, etc) have water content that may freeze and expand, sometimes shattering bottles and causing containers to burst. While we do everything possible (offer you heat packs, and avoiding shipments that sit on delivery trucks on the weekends) to prevent breakage, we are unable to guarantee that bottles will arrive safely at the intended location.

  • This is also a problem with tetra pack items such as the smoothies, chai, and Pacific Barista dairy alternative lines.
  • You are responsible for checking the weather forecast for up to 2 weeks after your order for every location along the trans-canada highway between Windsor Ontario and your shipping address.
  • You must then make a judgement call about whether you absolutely need to risk the breakage, or you can wait until spring to place the order

By adding this item to your cart, you acknowledge that you will accept the products that you ask us to ship to you, including sugar-free syrups, regular syrups, smoothies, liquid chai and Pacific Barista, regardless of the condition that they arrive in.

There are no exceptions to this policy.

If you wish to proceed, we recommend adding a 96 hour heat pack.

Crumbled / Broken Boxes

Boxes that become wet because the bottles froze and broke will fall apart, looking like the courier mishandled the boxes and caused the breakage. If you've requested that we ship syrups or other liquids in the winter months, the cause of crumbled or torn boxes is 100% attributed to the syrups having broken - not broken boxes causing syrups to break.

This has been determined from seeing tens of thousands of orders shipped over almost 10 years.

Glass vs. PET (plastic) Bottles

Glass bottles definitely have a higher risk of breakage, but it's not exclusively a glass bottle problem. We receive both glass and plastic bottles from both Torani and Monin, and sometimes both bottle types in the same flavour. This is entirely random. Because we have 200 syrups, it's impossible to track which are glass and which are plastic, and we don't keep that information on record.

About marking 'Fragile' on the box

Marking a box 'fragile' is completely useless with couriers - this is straight from the courier reps themselves. It does not make the delivery people, or the miles of conveyors in processing facilities, handle the packages any different. Additionally, all breakage during the winter time is 100% due to freezing, not handling.

Returned / Rejected Shipments

Shipments that are not accepted by the recipient and instead returned to us will be disposed of immediately upon being delivered back to us. There will be no re-shipping or refunds.