Monin 750 mL Syrup Pump

Monin 750 mL Syrup Pump
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Monin's Syrup Pump is designed for use with 750-mL Monin Syrups, Monin Sugar Free Syrups and Monin Organic Syrups. Branded with Monin's label, these are the official Monin Syrup Pumps.

A one-time investment in the pumps saves time and mess when using the syrups, and can be re-used on dozens of bottles with a little cleaning between.

Monin Syrup Pumps dispense 1/4 oz (7-mL) of liquid per pump.

We also have the Monin 1 Liter Syrup Pump for 1000 mL Monin bottles. They are not the same pump.

Be sure to use an ounce or two of syrup from the bottle before sticking the pump in, to avoid spillage.

If left unused for some time, syrups may clog spout. Forcefully pressing down on the pump may cause damage - instead, soak pump and/or manually clear spout with tooth pick.


We recommend you clean the syrup pumps after finishing off a bottle. Simply fill a tall glass with warm water and pump a couple ounces out. Scrubbing the straw portion may be required for harder-to-remove syrups.

Make sure to clear the water from the straw before using it in a new bottle of syrup - you may need to turn it upside and pump a few times.