My K Cup Reusable Cup

My K Cup Reusable Cup
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The My K Cup is a re-usable stainless-steel mesh-filter that enables you to use your own coffee in your Keurig coffee machines.

Unlike reusable k cup products that use a paper filter, some customers complain that this product allows coffee grounds into the coffee, which leaves an unpleasant after-taste.

Usage Tips

While the product is good at making a single cup of coffee, if there are more than one coffee drinker the cleaning process might become cumbersome since the My K-Cup needs to be cleaned between each use. After popping the cup out, hot coffee grounds need to be disposed of and the filter thoroughly rinsed. This is simpler an hour or two after the cup has been used, as the coffee grounds dry out and can't burn you.

If there are multiple coffee drinks in your house (or you drink more than one cup), we recommend you purchase more than one 'My K Cup'.

It's a good idea to run your finger around the rim of the My-K-Cup to remove all coffee grounds, and allow a proper seal. Product may cause harm if not properly used. Always follow all instructions.

Coffee Grind

Do not use a fine grind, as they k-cup may become clogged and/or sediment will appear in your cup.


This is compatible with the Keurig B40, B60 and B70.

Note: This is not compatible with the KUB30 single serve coffee machine.

You can also use the My K-Cup to make tea, by inserting either a tea bag or loose leaf tea.