Perfect Pod EZ Cup Paper Filters

Perfect Pod EZ Cup Paper Filters
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Requires Perfect Pod EZ Cup

These environmentally friendly Perfect Pod EZ Cup Paper Filter Papers (50 count) are used in your reusable Perfect Pod EZ Cup. They hold all grinds and roasts of coffee and prevent the grounds from pouring into the cup, just like a regular coffee maker. Where the Keurig Perfect Pod EZ Cup really shines is that it is able to make a single cup of coffee as opposed to an entire pot - perfectly, every time.

These reusable filters are the perfect replacement for expensive Keurig K-Cups.

Using the filters along with the Perfect Pod EZ Cup and your own coffee in a Keurig machine is a great way of saving money on your daily cup-of-joe. The Perfect Pod EZ Cup with filters lets you use any coffee from your favourite coffee shop in your Keurig coffee maker, not just K-Cups.

The filters are used to hold enough coffee to make 1 cup of coffee.

  • Place Perfect Pod EZ Cup on counter and insert EZ Cup Filter
  • Add coffee ground for regular paper filters into the paper filter, filling as desired and tamping slightly
  • Remove grounds from the lip of the Perfect Pod and place paper lid over coffee grounds, close Perfect Pod lid ensuring a tight seal
  • Insert into the single cup brewer holder in the same manner as a standard K-Cup and brew!

Paper filters should be disposed of immediately after brewing (be careful! it's hot) and the reusable Perfect Pod rinsed under water to ensure longevity. Coffee grounds and filter paper can be used as compost or thrown in the garbage - they degrade naturally, unlike normal K-Cups.