Vanilla Chai Frappe Mix 3.5 lb

Vanilla Chai Frappe Mix 3.5 lb
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Cafe Essentials Vanilla Chai Frappe Mix



: Pure cane or beet sugar, coconut oil, maltodextrin, non-fat dry milk, black tea, natural flavors (milk derivative ), honey, sodium caseinate (milk protein). Contains less than 1% of salt, mono- and diglycerides ( emulsifier), spices, guar gum (thickener), dipotassium phosphate (buffering agent), pectin (thickener), xanthan gum (thickener), soy lecithin ( emulsifier)

Do you use artificial flavors or spices to get the flavor profiles in your chai products? No, we use only real spices, not a bunch of flavors. Look in the bottom of your cup once consumed and you will see real spices.

How does Cafe Essentials chai differ from other chai's available on the market? Cafe Essentials chai is flavorful, rich and has a creamy texture that sets our chai's apart from any other.

Can I use water or milk when preparing chai beverages? Depending on the recipes, many call for water only. You will be surprised and think you are consuming a milk and cream based beverage.