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Upgrade the quality of your morning coffee with a Bodum French Press. Unlike traditional filtered brewers, all the essential coffee oils remain in the liquid, leaving you with the full palette of your coffee's flavours. A coarse ground coffee is required for french presses, so that the steel mesh can catch all the grinds.

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For Bodum, use approximately 10g (1/3oz) of coarse-ground coffee per 4oz cup of coffee you would like to brew. Most Canadian mugs are 8oz, meaning you need to use 2/3oz (20g) coffee per mug.

Bodum is the world-wide leader in french presses, with top-quality products that last years and parts that are easily replaced due to their popularity and availability.

The quality that comes from a french press coffee is widely regarded as some of the best coffee you can get. There is a learning curve that is quickly climbed to get the best use out of the brewer. You're able to adjust the strength of the brew by allowing it to brew slightly longer before plunging the mesh filter. You're also able to adjust the coffee to water ratio to change the strength of the brew.

Bodum French Presses are also great in making drinks other than coffee. It can be used with loose-leaf tea to make a stronger cup of tea, or with brewed cocoa to make an alternative to coffee.

Loose Leaf Tea

Tea can be made in the same way as coffee, with loose leaf style tea being depressed by the plunger more effectively than traditional finely-chopped bags. The larger holes in the plunger allow for more of the great taste of tea to get extracted, as opposed to being trapped by the tea bag. Be careful not to over-brew tea varieties that contain caffeine however - it may become bitter. Caffeine-free varieties such as white tea or rooibos can readily be made into a stronger cup of tea.

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