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Liquid Coffee Sweeteners let you add sugar or sugar substitutes (Sucralose, Splenda) to your coffee without needing actual sugar on hand. With the simple push of a pump, you can add exactly how much sweetener you want. Our top picks for sweetening your coffee are the Monin Pure Cane Syrup, Monin Sugar Free Liquid Sweetener (Splenda) and the Monin Organic Agave Syrup. All offer generic sweetness without too much flavour.

Is Splenda Coffee Sweetener Safe?

Yes! Splenda is one of the few sweeteners that can be safely added to baking and drinks that reach high temperatures. It's one of the most stable sweeteners at high temperatures and is perfectly suited for coffee. Since it doesn't break down in hot beverages, less syrup needs to be used to get the desired flavour and your body doesn't have to process harmful chemicals, making it the best coffee sweetener.

Flavoured Sweeteners

Both Torani and Monin have flavoured sweeteners - both brands use 100% Pure Cane Sugar and natural plus artificial flavours that allows you to add any number of unique twists to your coffee like caramel, vanilla, chocolate. Feeling extra adventurous? Use english toffee instead of caramel, french vanilla instead of vanilla and chocolate macadamia nut instead of chocolate.

Are Coffee Sweeteners Safe for Diets?

Sugar Free Torani and Monin sweetens drinks without adding sugar, helping to keep your diet in check. Those on diets that restrict sugar or carbs like the paleo diet, CKD or Dr. Bernstein frequently use sugar free sweeteners to add flavour not only to drinks, but also food!

Note that there is mixed data on insulin response to natural and artificial sweeteners - if you're a diabetic, please check with your doctor before adding flavouring syrups.