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Italian Sodas are delicious and refreshing, perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day. They are incredibly simple to make, consisting of:

Simply fill a glass 3/4 full with ice, pour Sparking or Mineral water until ice is covered then add 1oz (4 pumps) of your favourite Torani Syrup! You can easily adjust the strength of the drink by adjusting the number of pumps used.

National and independent cafes charge anywhere between $3.50 - $5.00 for Italians Sodas, while the Sparking/Mineral Water can be picked up from a grocery store and syrups purchased online here. Enjoy cafe-quality drinks just like Second Cup right from your own home with our Torani syrups!

1 oz of syrup costs roughly $0.48 and is enough for a full glass of Italian Soda - that's easily over 80% off!

Recipe: Cherry Lime Italian Soda

Ingredients: Instructions:

Pour sparkling water into tall glass filled with ice. Add Torani and stir well. Congratulate yourself on a hard job well done.

Sodastream Italian Sodas

Sodastream makes carbonating your own beverages at home a breeze - quick, cost-effective and fully customizable. There are a number of "grocery store" brand syrups whos flavours don't pale in comparison to real brands like Torani. We urge everyone to do their own comparisons, and are confident you'll find a noticeable difference in quality when making Italian Sodas with Sodastream and Torani Syrups.

Syrup Brands

There are a number of brands on the market including Torani, DaVinci, Monin, Valleta, 1883, Sweetbird and Fontana. We've carried of a number of these brands and ultimately settled on Torani as the preferred provider for fruit-flavoured syrups to use in Italian Sodas.

Root Beer Syrup

We also carry Root Beer Syrup for a DIY-rootbeer right at home! Use your sodastream and mix 1-oz of syrup per 8-oz of carbonated water for a delicious at-home version of root beer. Try mixing with Vanilla for a unique twist!

Sugar Free Syrups

Torani has a great lineup of sugar free syrups that offer all the taste of traditional flavoured soda syrups without the calories! Enjoy raspberry, lime, lemon, mango and watermelon without the sugar. Here's a neat tip: Combine the flavour you want with either vanilla or coconut syrup for a delicious twist.

Italian Soda Refreshers

Another popular option with Italian Sodas is using chilled tea in combination with the (bubbly) carbonated drink. Using black tea or green tea for example, you can add caffeine to the drink for a little additional pick-me-up in the afternoon. Flavours like raspberry and pomegranate go particularly well with green teas, while vanilla or coconut blend exquisitely with black tea. Not a fan of the caffeine? Get the benefits of white tea and go for blueberry flavoured syrup. Adding any kind of tea not only imparts a great flavour, but anti-oxidants as well. With a cost that is a fraction of the "refreshers" you find at national coffee shops, these just may become a new favourite drink that doesn't empty your wallet.

Italian Cream Soda Recipe

You can add a unique twist to your standard Italian Soda by adding a "creamy" element. The standard recipe calls for:

  • Club Soda or Sparkling Water
  • Half and Half
  • Ice
  • Torani or Monin Syrup Flavour of Choice

We recommend beginning with the ice (fill the glass half-way), fill 3/4 full with the club soda or sparkling water, add an ounce of Torani or Monin and stir, then finally gently pouring the half-and-half so that it slowly cascades into the drink. Italian Cream Sodas lend themselves particularly well to whipped cream topping ;)

You can also go with a low-calorie option by using sugar-free vanilla syrup - you don't get quite the creamy look or the more milky flavour, but the vanilla syrup does make the flavour that much milder and creamy.