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We also have Tassimo T-Discs available and Keurig-compatible Single Serve Coffee Cups, as well as ESE Espresso Pods.

Like the regular coffee, but still want to enjoy the taste of Pumpkin? Check out our Torani Pumpkin Spice Syrup!

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We're ecstatic to provide some of the best pricing for K-Cups in Canada. Buying direct from a Canadian company saves you from excessive shipping fees and border taxes. Shipping time is quick - just 1 to 2 days within the Greater Toronto Area and Montreal - and 3 to 4 days to the rest of Canada. Don't wait any longer than you have to for your coffee!

With our customer rewards program, you get credits after you place an order that can be used like cash on your next order, increasing the savings. Up to 2% is credited back to your account for use on your next order, and with our review program you can earn for sharing your feedback!

Green Mountain has established itself as the leader of the K-Cup singler serve coffee industry. With a "Family of Brands" under it's belt, it still has it's own coffees.

About K-Cups

K-Cups are used in Keurig Single Server Coffee Makers and compatible machines. There are a number of different brands that manufacture their own flavour of "K-Cups", with each person having their own personal taste. Whether you're a fan of light coffee versus dark coffee, and flavoured coffee versus unflavoured coffee, there's something to tickle your fancy. Get your K-Cups Canada today!

New coffee brands have hit the Canadian market in K-Cup format due to an expired patent, increasing your options and reducing some of the costs. Among some of the harder-to-find K-Cups are the Barista Prima, Cafe Escapes, Bigelow Teas and Starbucks brands of k cups.

Van Voutte is sometimes misspelle as Van Houette.

Green Mountain Coffee

The definitive leader in the single serve coffee market, Green Mountain K-Cups offer the most variety - whether you're looking for regular coffee, flavoured coffee or tea. With everything from light roast, to medium and dark roasts - there's something for everyone.

Green Mountain has done great in gathering the top roasters from all corners of the country, and bringing their specialty coffees to everyone throughout not only the U.S. and Canada, but the world.

Timothys Coffee

Timothy's coffee has packaged their coffee into convenient Timothy's K-Cups for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home! With decades of roasting experience and nationally-recognized coffee shops, Timothy's has some delicious k-cups that offer lots of variety. With one of the largest lineups of any brand, there's sure to be something for everyone in your house!

In addition to the Breakfast Blend and Rainforest Espresso, Timothys carries a number of flavoured coffees including German Chocolate Cake, Kahlua, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Cinnamon Pastry and White Hot Chocolate.

Tully's Coffee

Tully's Coffee is another brand of coffee that is now owned by the prestigious Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. It is available in conveniently packaged K-Cups for Keurig and K-Cup compatible single serve coffee brewers.

Tully's brand coffee is dedicated to artisan roasting of fine coffees. They don't dwelve into flavoured styles that typically use lower grades of coffee, but rely on their roasters to bring out the nuisances of their blends. The Italian and French roasts easily become daily drinks for dark coffee lovers.

Bigelow Tea K-Cups

Bigelow Tea's K-Cups have been masterfully combined in the same way that the bagged teas have. Through decades of experience, the finest quality ingredients have been selected, combinations refined and are now available to you at the simple click of a button!

Bigelow Tea K-Cups pack in all the flavour and mixing expertise that Bigelow is known for, into convenient, single-serving coffee cups that can be used in a keurig coffee maker. Brew delicious tea with the push of a button, in the morning, afternoon or evening. With a number of green, black and herbal tea varieties available, there's something available for everyone! Regular Bigelow Tea Bags also available.

Cameron's Coffee

Cameron's Coffee K-Cups come from a small coffee roaster in the U.S. with a passion for quality. Using only the finest beans from around the world, the beans are picked with care and sent to Cameron's roastery for expert roasting. Typically grown in highn altitudes, these beans are slow to mature, which allows the flavour to develop longer and produces a better coffee.

While they sometimes have less caffeine, the trade-off is well worth the taste. All of this is intricately preserved into Keurig's K-Cups, for a premier cup of coffee every time.

Donut House Coffee

Donut House K-Cups have become an instant-classic, flavoured packed a pure delight to have.

Some people won't admit it, but the best part of a donut is the coffee that goes with it. Without coffee, donuts are just another confection. But donut shop coffee? That's a different story.

The Original Donut Shop Coffee lingers on your tongue and warms the soul. It brightens your day like a big scoop of sprinkles. And who doesn't like sprinkles? If you go through life as if it's a sweet surprise filled with jelly and covered in frosting, The Original Donut Shop Coffee is for you.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular k-cups around, the Donut House K-Cups are a quintessential (north) American classic. You NEED a coffee to get you going in the morning, but what you really WANT is a scrumptuous donut to go with it. Your doctor advised you against that, but he never said anything about donut flavoured coffee. That's why Donut House has packed all the goodness of donuts into a k-cup with coffee, letting you "cheat" on your diet without feeling guilty.

The sugary chocolate glaze and cinnamon roll flavours linger on your toungue and warm your soul while the caffeine wakes you up. An experience worthy of every morning.

Add some life back into your day today, with Donut House coffee. If you're not a fan of the flavoured coffees, the house blend is a classically roasted coffee that needs to be tried. Being one of the original brands to jump into Keurig's K-Cups, Donut House has years of roasting experience and has tweaked their offering and formula over time to deliver satisfaction in every cup. Their "bold" k-cups use more coffee to make a better brew, and don't leave you wondering if you had actually had coffee or just dirty water.

This one was a tough one for us to bring in - it's ever-present and being one of the originals, we thought people might be sick of it. After looking into some reviews however, they k-cups seemed to have stood the test of time and are still enjoyed - as a daily drinker even. We think you'll be glad you tried the Donut House coffees.

keurig logo

Keurig is a manufacturer of special coffee that is sold in their K-Cups. Keurig coffee makers make it easy to brew single cups of coffee at a time, eliminating waste. The system is quick and convenient, with less work than standard loose ground coffee to get you on with your day. Clean up is simple - remove the used K-Cup, and toss it out. Enjoy our coffee beans in the Perfect Pod, opening up a world of high-quality, fresh-roasted flavour.

Keurig is owned by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and is the machine-end of the business. Keurig machines are designed for Green Mountain's K-Cups, which are single-serving cups that are inserted into the Keurig brewer and discarded afterwards.

We focus on bringing you alternatives to expensive k-cups in the form of re-usable coffee pods. The EZ Cup uses a plastic basket with disposable paper filters to prevent grounds from ending up in your cup - as a bonus, the coffee with the paper filter can be composted. We also have the My K Cup which uses a stainless steel mesh filter, but may let some grounds pass through.

Using a re-usable cup not only saves 50% or more versus conventional k-cups, but it's also more environmentally friendly, sending zero plastic waste to landfills. You can also add as much flavour (like Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut or Chocolate) to your drink as you like with our Torani flavouring syrups.

Most drinks require just 1 ounce, though some of the stronger flavours can take 1/2 to 3/4 ounce. You can choose how strongly you want your coffee flavoured!

Keurig Machines

Popular models of the Keurig K-Cup brewer for home include (with approximate price):

  • Keurig B31 - $69.00
  • Keurig B40 - $89.00
  • Keurig B60 - $109.00
  • Keurig B70 - $159.00

There are also a number of K-Cup compatible brewers available from manufacturers like Cuisinart, Breville, Oster and Mr. Coffee.

Keurig Vue

Keurig's new Vue system allows for the brewing of travel-mug sized coffee at full strength, as opposed to individual coffee cups. Supplies are currently difficult to find, but just like the basic Keurig machine, coffees, teas, hot chocolates and iced beverages should be available.

The Keurig Vue currently has 3 models for home:

  • V500 - $149.00
  • V600 - $159.00
  • V700 - $169.00

Keurig Rivo

The Keurig Rivo is Green Mountain's answer to Tassimo - delicious, blended drinks using LavAzza espresso and frothed milk.

There is currently one model of the Keurig Rivo available, which is compatible with:

  • Keurig Rivo: LavAzza Espresso Classico
  • Keurig Rivo: LavAzza Espresso Decaf
  • Keurig Rivo: LavAzza Espresso Delicato
  • Keurig Rivo: LavAzza Espresso Intenso

Keurig Rivo LavAzza packs are only compatible with the Keurig Rivo Brewers. They are not the same packs used by LavAzza machines.


The Green Mountain Coffee Cups are currently not recyclable, though there are products coming into the market that are composed mostly of compostable material.