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Tassimo brewers are specifically designed for quick start up times, and push-button drink making whether you want a straight coffee or a delicious flavoured latte.

Tassimo coffee is sold in unique "T Discs" that use a bar-code to automatically tell your machine how to make the drink you want. T-Discs (Tassimo Discs) as they are called, are compatible only with Tassimo coffee makers.

T Discs make coffee quick to start and extremely simple to clean up, saving you from having to exert too much mental effort before you've had your morning pick-me-up. The Barcode Brews it Better - Get on with your day.

Tassimo vs. Keurig

Tassimo and Keurig manufacture the two leading single-serving cups on the market, with pods that are not inter-operable. We suggest doing extensive research before diving into one versus the other, as they both have their benefits and drawbacks. Buying both is always an option, but at $150-$200 per brewer it's usually a waste of money. Generally:

  • Quality: T-Discs (Tassimo) are said to be higher quality than K-Cups (Keurig)
  • Cost: T-Discs (Tassimo) are generally more expensive than K-Cups, by anywhere from 10%-20%
  • Variety: K-Cups have a wider variety of products on the market (actually, about 200 vs. a couple dozen)
  • Variety: T-Discs have the option of combining a strong cup with a milk/creamer cup for more complex and deluxe drinks

Tassimo Coffee

Tassimo has teamed up with a number of coffee manufacturers to provide a range of quality drinks, including Nabob, Tim Hortons, Gevalia and Maxwell. Far from just coffee however, Tassimo stands out in it's ability to brew cappuccinos, skinny lattes, french vanillas other drinks that usually require a barista. Like any coffee with variety, some people are drawn towards stronger black drinks, while others prefer the sweetener hand-crafted drinks - make sure to read some reviews before making a buying decision.

Each Tassimo Coffee disc is labeled with a barcode that instructs the brewer exactly how long, and how hot to make the coffee or espresso for the perfect drink, every time. The motto "The Barcode Brews It Better" actually stands up to the test, making a better cafe crema for example versus some other single cup brands that sometimes taste bitter or over-brewed.

Tassimo Brewer

Tassimo teamed up with Bosch to design an aesthetically pleasing coffee machine, that looks right at home in any kitchen. Sleek lines with contrasting colours give the coffee brewer an air or modern design without going overboard. Some models come equipped with built-in water filters, removing contaminants that detract from the taste of the coffee and giving you a pure flavour, every time.

Tassimo Coupon

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Tassimo Coffee Pods Wholesale

Wholesale pricing and discounts are available for bulk orders totally $1000 or more. Bulk purchases are available only to businesses and distributors and require a physical storefront.