Tassimo T20

Tassimo T20
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The Tassimo T20 is a great entry-level single serving coffee brewer that uses Tassimo T-Discs. Great for making:

  • Coffee
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Espresso
  • Tea
  • Hot Chocolate

The brilliance behind Tassimo machines is their ability to read a barcode located on the top of their T-Discs, which tells the machine how much water, what temperature and how long to brew it - so that you get the perfect drink every time. This complex, life-saving machine (caffeine withdrawal can turn anyone into a monster) is packaged neatly into a space-saving, modern design that fits any countertop.

The T20 comes with a number of features to make your daily cup of joe more customizable. While the brewing process is fully automatic, you do have the ability to interrupt it to adjust the strength of your drink. The cup-stand can also be removed for tall glasses or mugs, so that you don't need to hold it at an angle for it to fit like other brewers.

Possibly the WORST thing in the ENTIRE WORLD is having to wait for your coffee. Well maybe not the worst, but no one likes waiting. That's why Tassimo went the extra mile to create a brewer that's ready when you are, whether it's first thing in the morning or your third cup. You won't be wasting energy either - after brewing, it goes into auto-standby mode to conserve energy and keep your bills low.


Keeping your brewer running efficiently for as long as possible is important to getting a great ROI from your purchase. That's why Tassimo has made it simple to clean it regularly - not only for longevity, but also to keep your taste from being altered by hard-water buildup.

  • Fully automatic one button operation
  • Removable water tank with 51 oz (1.5 L) capacity
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling program
  • Immediately ready to brew drinks
  • Noise reduction system
  • Automatic switch-off after brewing saves energy
  • Delivers the perfect brew for iced coffee
  • Low energy consumption
  • Dimensions: 13.5' D x 8' W x 11' H
  • Model T20

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Tassimo Brewer Comparison

The T20 brewer - while the base model - stacks up great against the more expensive options. All brewers feature:

  • Innovative Barcode Technology
  • 3-Step brewing process for complex drinks
  • Automatic and manual brew cycles
  • Adjustable cup stand height
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling

The T65 comes with a pretty LCD display and LEDs that light up the bottom of the cup. The only thing the T20 lacks in comparison to the T46, T55 and T65 is the Mavea Water Filtration System. That said, If you use your own pre-filtered water in the Tassimo T20 brewer, there really isn't much point in getting an upgraded model.

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